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Lash Reality

Lash Reality Little Foot Volume Tweezer

Lash Reality Little Foot Volume Tweezer

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[Ultraviolet Satin Plasma Finish]

When you purchase a tweezer, you shouldn't have to waste money on a tweezer that doesn't work! Our tweezers were built with the lash artist in mind. From tension, to pick-up, and even for your preferred fanning method. But what makes ours different?

MEGA VOLUME: Tweezers will pick up lash fibers perfectly in volume diameters 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, and 0.07 in any amount on a flat plane. You will have to find the sweet spot in your tweezer (3-5mm).

FIBER TIPS: Tweezers have a sweet spot that is the entirety of the boot. You will be able to pick up everything from 0.03 and larger. We do not recommend bouquet method or wiggle method for this tweezer type

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