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Lash Reality

Lash Reality Oopsie Daisy Tweezer Cleaner

Lash Reality Oopsie Daisy Tweezer Cleaner

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The little jar of magic you didn't know you needed. Keep on your lash cart for a quick cleanse of your tweezers when you make an Oopsie! and remove glue on the tips or boot of your tweezers. Simply place your tweezers in the solution for a few minutes, rub tweezer tips gently into the sponges, and the glue should disintegrate quickly, making your tweezers good as new. 


  • Gently removes glue from tweezer's tips
  • DOES NOT sanitize, disinfect, or sterilize your tweezers
  • Solution is a glue remover for implements ONLY
  • Should never be used on skin
  • Not recommended for tweezers to sit for longer than 7 minutes
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